Saint Patrick's Day | Ethos Dynamics

A Thursday St. Patty’s Day calls for a refreshing office Guinness!

Where does pi come from and why is it important? Its origin can be traced back almost 4000 years ago to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. They discovered that when you divide the circumference, (the distance around the circle), by the diameter, (the distance across the circle), you will always get 3.14 as the answer no matter how large or small the original circle is. Check out some pi facts here:

Earlier this month Cisco announced that they are revealing new technologies, including Cisco HyperFlex Systems. This new line of equipment is intended to innovate hyperconverged infrastructure by improving performance, flexibility, and operational simplicity of data center hardware. Learn more here:

We are available to discuss all options for your network infrastructure.  We are hardware agnostic and will give your team all the information needed to make the best purchase decision for your company. Additionally, we offer short term rentals if you are looking to test out different options prior to buying.