Login to the Meraki Dashboard using your credentials.

Next, hover over the Organization tab on the left side.

From the Organization tab, click on Inventory.

Enter SN into “Search Inventory” box.

Beside the devices Serial Number, you will see which Network the device is in.

In the top left “Network” menu, click the drop down menu and choose the same Network the device is in.

In this case, it is a Wireless Access Point, so once in the network, hover over “Wireless”, on the left side of the page.

Choose Access points from the Wireless tab.

Type in the SN in the “Search” bar.

Click the check box to the left of the unit you want to remove.

Click the “Edit” button.

Choose Remove from network.

Choose Remove.

This will remove the unit from the active network.

In order to fully Unclaim, hover over Organization again on the left side of the page.

Choose Inventory from the Organization tab.

Enter SN into “Search Inventory” box.

Click the box to the left of the unit to highlight it.

Click “Unclaim”.

This will fully remove the SN from your network and organizations inventory.

Recently, Ethos went down to South Florida to meet with customers and play in the CIO Golf Tournament at the Jacaranda course in Fort Lauderdale. We sponsored a hole to help raise money for students interested in pursuing an IT education.

CIO Golf Tournament | Ethos Dynamics


CIO Golf Tournament | Ethos Dynamics

Ethos will be in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area September 14th-16th; let us know if you’d like for us to come by and talk about IT savings. We will be at the CIO golf tournament on September 16th as well!


Ethos Dynamics has recently purchased a large lot of Infinera ADLM, DLM, XLM, and TAM equipment.  If you are interested in seeing some pricing, please reach out to your sales rep.

Ethos will be in New Orleans Wednesday-Friday this week if you’re in the area and want to talk about IT savings!

This past Saturday Ethos did a little team building at Warrior Dash!

Warrior Dash | Ethos Dynamics

Quinn | Warrior Dash | Ethos Dynamics

Lyle | Warrior Dash | Ethos Dynamics

Saint Patrick's Day | Ethos Dynamics

A Thursday St. Patty’s Day calls for a refreshing office Guinness!

Where does pi come from and why is it important? Its origin can be traced back almost 4000 years ago to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. They discovered that when you divide the circumference, (the distance around the circle), by the diameter, (the distance across the circle), you will always get 3.14 as the answer no matter how large or small the original circle is. Check out some pi facts here:


Ethos will be in south Florida for happy hour the first week of February! If you are in the area and would like to stop by, contact us for further details!