Used Meraki Vs. Refurbished Meraki

You may think that used and refurbished can be used interchangeably. While this is true in most spaces, in the networking field, they are not the same. In this article we will discuss the differences between used Meraki products and refurbished Meraki products in the networking field.

What is a Used Meraki product?

A used Meraki product in the networking field is one that has been used by a company and sold as-is. Basically, what this means is the company that sells this product won’t test nor clean the products. They may come with deficiencies such as dings or scratches on the surface and also technical problems within the device that are unknown to the new user.

Why is Buying Refurbished Meraki Better Than Used Meraki?

When you buy refurbished Meraki from us at Ethos Dynamics, you are buying Meraki products that are renovated. When they come in the door, they are immediately checked to verify claim status in the Meraki dashboard. If unclaimed, we then check to see if the products power on correctly. During the test process, we test for port data transfer and PoE, if needed. For those items that may fall under a recall, we check their status and test for any possible failures related to the recall.  For units with dual A/C option, we test both power slots. After the testing process is complete, we wipe the products down, disinfect them, and also clean them to make them look in the best shape they can possibly be in when reaching the end user. This includes: fixing dents, painting the unit in Cisco Meraki paint, clearing scratches, , and replacing screws or faceplates that are too damaged to resell. Mounting brackets on network switches are also adjusted to make functionality perfect if needed and applicable. Products are sent out bubble wrapped with secure boxes to ensure no shipping damage. Every product that we sell at Ethos Dynamics goes through this extensive process to make sure the customer is highly satisfied with our work.