The privacy of data is more important to people now, than ever. The constant breaches and hacks keep us always on edge about our information getting leaked. We need to stay as protected as we can from attacks on our network. There’s a solution to this problem. Firewalls are the best way to keep outside connections from getting in your network and also protects sensitive data in a safe place.

Firewalls are security devices that help protect you from attacks on your network. Firewalls act as an intrusion prevention system against Malaware and application-layer attacks. They react to attacks quickly and attentively to make sure your network is not affected by any malicious behavior. They also can set policies to better your network from being attacked or preyed on by processing quick assessments to detect the activity.

To put things into perspective, according to Ponemon Institutes report 66% of people have experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12-months. Of the same sample group, 45% of people say that their processes are ineffective at mitigating attacks. Malware is the most common virus that is talked about in today’s time. Malware is any piece of software that was written with the intent of doing harm to data, devices, or people. Back in 2009, 12.4 million people were infected by Malware. In 2018, the number of people infected by Malware increased to 812.67 million. This data shows that Malware has increased over 6,000% in a 9-year period. Given the statistics of these attacks happening, it’s hard to say that you won’t be targeted eventually (if you haven’t already).

If you operate with sensitive information in your business or personal life, firewalls are a must-have. Your information will be safely stored without worries. If you are looking for a firewall that suites you best, I’d recommend a Meraki firewall. At Ethos Dynamics we have Meraki Firewalls available for sale right now. Head over to our website to protect your network today, with a Meraki Firewall.