Would You Benefit From Wireless Access Points?

Before I got started working in networking, I had no idea what a wireless access point was, nor why someone would need one. After working around networking products for about two years now, I see how they can be so beneficial to use. I would like to spread the knowledge of how your business could benefit from using wireless access points. After all, having a solid connection at your business is a main priority (for most). In this article, I will explain what a wireless access point does and also how it can be beneficial to your business.
wireless access point is a device that allows wireless-compatible devices connect to a wired network. To make this simpler to understand, you must understand what the use of a switch is as well. Network switches connect together all devices (printers, computers, servers) in a small business network. You need a network switch in order for wireless access points to work. The internet connection runs into the router, the switch connects to the router, and the wireless access point is connected to the switch. The wireless access point then gives internet connection to the wireless-compatible devices.

Now that you understand the wireless access point and how they work, we can discuss how they benefit your home, or business. First, they give internet connectivity to wireless based products. Second, they do not impact the internet speed, the wireless access point will not make your internet connection slower. Third, they can support many different wireless internet users on a network. Fourth, they have a broader transmission range than regular wireless routers. Wireless access points are perfect for your business. Check out our website for New and Refurbished Meraki Wireless Access Points that would be suitable for you.